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International Price List

This following prices are valid for all international orders. The components are listed below, the first two being mutually exclusive:

Flat Rate Price
is charged for each and every media sent to us for data recovery. Different rate applies for hard drives and memory cards. Multi-disk (RAID) systems and other media types please ask. The flat rate is charged only in case of a successful data recovery.
Service Fee
applies should the customer choose to cancel a work in progress, before the actual data delivery takes place. Once any recovered data is sent to customer, the service is considered done and the Flat Rate Price applies. Service Fee is not charged if the data could not be recovered, except for when this was caused by mechanical or electrical tampering with the media by customer and/or other company (like any previous recovery attempts).
Shipping and Handling
is paid when media is returned to customer. International customers please ask for shipping costs.

In short, you'll be charged S&H plus one of the following:

All prices in EUR, incl. VAT 20%.
Result of the recovery serviceChargedAmmount
Hard drive data recovered successfullyFlat Rate Price(*) 300,-
Memory card data recovered successfullyFlat Rate Price150,-
Recovery possible, but cancelled on customer's requestService Fee100,-
Could not recover data-0,-
Could not recover due to previous attempts made by customer and/or third partyService Fee100,-
*) a 20% discount applies for desktop drives with total specified storage capacity not exceeding 1TB and notebook / portable drives up to 500GB in size. Please add 20% to the quoted numbers if the drives exceed 2TB and 1TB respectively. The price does not include any spare parts.

In case the original media is no longer usable, we can supply the neccessary replacement media for a competitive price (charged separately).

EU business customers get tax-free invoice against their valid VAT registration number. Exceptions may apply.