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The Company, the Service, the works

BINART s.r.o., based in Slovak Republic was started in 1997 as a research and development company in field of electronic control applications. In the past years we worked on many projects ranging from musical to industry to process control systems, security, access control and communications. Our services range from initial research, evaluation and design, prototyping, PCB and embedded software development, to low to mid-volume manufacturing. Several of our past projects involved disk drive interfacing and file system implementations. This is the base our data recovery service evolved from. we started with an intent not to be just another ordinary recovery shop. We have an ambition to supply a full quality service, pushing the borders to reach the biggest names in business, yet for a price that real people can afford. We believe there's data worth saving on every disk, even yours.

After years of successfully serving the local market, we're now open to world. We put all our knowledge and skills in task of recovering your data and we try to ease the painful situation as much as possible. The key factors are:

Flat rate prices
Most competitors advertise their services as starting at $$$. Honestly, do you really believe you'll get the starting price, anytime, anywhere? We choosed flat rates instead. We don't hide the numbers deep into the web either. No email inquiries neccessary, just use the menu bar or click here to see and compare our prices.
We allways try our best to recover as much of the data as possible. We don't charge per megabyte nor on file-count basis. In turn, we expect our customers not to insist on getting the data they don't really need, esp. in case when it is hardly possible.
The service time is imporant for most. Many times we're done in a day or two or three, some may take longer. When it is done, it's done. We won't postpone the results in order to make room for premium-rate services.
Certainly, flat rates mean that the profit depends. Sometimes we get more, other times less. Some case may end with no profit at all. Though this may seem not to make much sense economically speaking, we believe on average it will build up for a successful service for both you, and us.
Max competence
Very few people could tell the difference between clicking or clacking sound of a dead drive nor do they realize what all this means for their chance of a successful recovery. Often some simple failure masks for a serious one and vice versa. The way to avoid customer's frustration is to solve everything.
It doesn't matter how rare your failure is - we just do our best to get the data out of the thing and we do it with pleasure.
We don't rely on some commercial, out-of-a-box recovery solution. We delved deeply into file systems, HDD technology and their internal operating systems to get the knowledge needed to build our own tools. Add a great level of instant creativity to find what makes us succeed when others do fail.
Improving the success rate means less time spent on unsuccessful (read: unpaid) work. This definitely is good for business and allows us to keep the prices low. Besides, we like to tell you good news more.
Fair communication
It starts with an easily accessible price list and continues with design of the rest of our web. The information presented should come free of marketing BS content. You won't find no flashy graphics here either. Those interested in technical details should get to it freely, most articles should be readable by non-experts too. We like to call this an open information policy.