Hard Drive Recovery Order Form

Customer Identification
Media Identification

Please fill in according to the drive's identification label. If sending several drives, either sent the form for each drive separately, or use the Notes field below.

Contents Description

Please fill in the approximate size and file system used for each partition on the drive.

No.Size [GB]File SystemNotes

Please supply the list of most important files and folders in case a full recovery will turn out not to be possible. Try to give the file names in exact wording, with path and partition / logical drive information.

Failure Description

When / how it happened?
During normal operation or when powered off
During blackout, power supply / UPS failure or stormy weather
Coincidently with other component's failure, i.e. motherboard or disk controller failure
Fluid damage, i.e. working outside during rain, spilled liquid, floods
Mechanical stress, i.e. strong shocks, drop, fire damage, or other severe external condition

What's the symptoms?
I don't know
Disk doesn't start (sounds dead)
Disk starts but emits unusual mechanical sounds
Disk starts normally but it's not properly identified by computer's BIOS
Disk starts and is identified normally but the OS doesn't start or some / all of the files are inaccessible or missing
Accidentally deleted files


Yes, I agree with any neccessary operations on the insides of the hard drive assembly (may void your drive's warranty)

Unchecking this may block us from reaching a successful result, in this case you may be charged the Service Fee even when no data will actually be saved.

Yes, I have read and agree with the Conditions and Terms

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